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Clear Street Office

Del Mar, California 92014
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Located in the lovely coastal community of Del Mar, this 2-story, 7000 square foot workspace project began in late 2020 and was completed in 2021.

The interior design team began with a vacant shell space- meaning there was no ceiling, no flooring, no lighting and would require a complete reimagination.

The team at San Diego Office Design led the client through the entire design process and handled all furnishing and decor needs.
They captured the spirit of the Del Mar racetrack, the beach, and the high-tech needs of their client.

The client uses the office as an employee attraction tool, having the prospective team members come to visit throughout the building process as the office took shape.
The most popular spaces are the employee pet wall, the game areas, the conference room, and of course the hospitality lounge with 2 local brews on tap.

All desks are height-adjustable, sit-to-stand with multiple options for comfort and ergonomics,
The conference room is completely customized with a gorgeous carved Corian wall that is back-lit with the client’s logo, and a blue glass conference table that matches the client’s brand colors, as well as all-glass walls to make the room the centerpoint of the office.

Tamara Romeo


San Diego

San Diego Office Design & Design Boss